Community Giving Back

March 2011: Live Organic supported the “Adventure of Charity Association”, by participating in their yearly brunch on the 17th of March 2011, and offering a “HEALTHY BASKET” containing all organic products as a  gift to the draw winners.

October 2011: Live Organic supported the “Friends of Tannourine Cedars Forum” through showcasing & selling their products, organic lavender bags, in the shop to help them raise funds.

December 2011: Live Organic participated in the campaign "Donate for Life" raising money for the Children's Cancer Center by asking customers to add donations to their bill to save a child from Cancer.

Live Organic is working closely with Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) on raising funds through allocating a section in LO store for DONATIONS to CCCL. Customers have been very generous, and this has resulted in raising awareness about the Center!

February 2014: In a continuous effort to give back to the community we live in and behave consciously towards our community and Nature, Live Organic has taken the following steps to become a Green company!

All our paper waste is recycled (with the collaboration of Arcenciel)

We use energy-saving lighting

We use less paper and focus on electronic communication

We are supporting Arcenciel in the campaign "Bouchon Roullants":

Live Organic is now a hub for Arcenciel's bottle cap collecting intiative. This is our chance to give back to the comunity, so you will find 2 large bowls being filled daily with bottle caps from our customers that , through recycling, can help pay of for 1 wheel chair for someone in need. Join and give back to those that are less fortunate by collecting plastic bottle caps !!

November 2014: Live Organic started the giving season a little early by donating +1,200 bags of Organic Simply7 chips to "Arc En Ciel", " 2im El Nour" & many more foundations !!! This  was just a small step from our establishment to help make Lebanon a better & helahtier country to live in & to encourage everyone to give back during this speacial season !!

March 2015: Live Organic is continuing with its initiative of giving back to the less fortunate... For the second time, we chose the "2im El Nour" foundation to donate several boxes of ready mixes along with several boxes of fruits dipped in chocolate.

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